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Three Stories about Astronomy To Share With You

Three Stories about  Astronomy To  Share With You

Three Stories about Astronomy To Share With You

Astronomy always seems to be associated with mystery and fantasy, it seems far away, something only a few people can pursue. Human beings have been curious about the sky and the universe for a long time, so that we have been exploring the world outside the earth, and we love everything that nature has given us. With the help of a series of tools such as telescopes, ordinary people can also have many opportunities to watch the sky on a clear night.

We have been committed to providing high-quality and affordable telescope products to meet the observation needs of customers, so that star observation is no longer out of reach, One of the happiest things is to see the joy you share from starry sky observations. Today's stories are all beautiful. They are about friendship, love, passing, and sharing... Looking forward to more people sharing their stories story!


Part One: a retired veteran and his friends watch the moon together

Story owner: David V. Jarvis II

Products: Sv503ED 102mm.

His description: The other weekend, I was asked to do a demonstration out in the Mojave Desert for a Veteran's Organization that I'm active with. This was the first time looking through a scope for all but one of them. Since doing this, I was asked to make this a regular thing, and to plan future excursions for us to go to in the future.

A little back-story; when I was in the Army, my job was field artillery, and surprisingly the concept of aligning and aiming a telescope is very similar to that of a cannon. Many other Veterans have skills that translate directly to astronomy, they just haven't been shown how to translate those skills to their proper correspondences. One of the things I do on these trips is just that, show them that they already know how to do this with the training they have from the military. Watching their eyes widen with astonishment and wonder is beautiful to me, and even more so when I see them become familiar with how their skills translate to such a beautiful art form. I even showed how the data is processed so they have all the information they need to get started on their own.

This August will make one year of shooting astrophotography. I shot photography for over a decade when I was younger but had given it up. Like many others that have served in any military, I gathered some baggage that I needed to work through. Learning to translate my skills from acts of destruction to photographing acts of creation has truly been the keystone for me. It has provided me with solace and peace; things I thought were lost to me. Being able to pass it on to others that struggle with struggles I've been through, and showing them that their skills can be used in ways they never may have thought, has been amazing thus far. And to think, it all started with my Sv503ED 102mm.

Part Two: Teenagers look at the sun and moon during a stargazing session

Story owner:Nguyễn Anh Tuấn

Products: SV550 APO OTA

His description: Last weekend, I used 550  to observe sunspots in a public observation, and did a star party for children to observe the moon in HCM city.

Everyone in my astronomy club likes the 550 because it's really good, lightweight, and very pretty. Although it uses the FPL 51, it is still good enough for standard astrophotography. I checked the quality and found it better than my expectations.

Part There: Product sharing at music festivals

Story owner: Patrick Soule 

Products: SVBony SV905SV305 camerasSVBony SV198 short focal telescope

His description:  Throwback to the animation I made for the Villery festival committee with live projection of the images captured by my SVBony SV905 and SV305 cameras fixed on the Maksutov 127x1500 telescope and an SVBony SV198 short focal telescope. A very attentive audience and an experience to repeat!

Thank you all again for sharing your stories, I hope the products produced by SVbony can continue to bring joy and satisfaction to your love!

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