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How to Temporarily Solve the Connection Problem Between SV705C/SV505C and SV193 2-Inch?

How to Temporarily Solve the Connection Problem Between SV705C/SV505C and SV193 2-Inch?

How to Temporarily Solve the Connection Problem Between SV705C/SV505C and SV193 2-Inch?

What problems and how to solve them?

SV505C color Planetary Camera and SV705C USB3.0 color Planetary Camera/IMX585/EAA are two new planetary cameras released by SVBONY this year.

However, in the process of using them, you may not be able to successfully connect with the SV503 series OTA with SV193 2-Inch 0.8x Focal Reducer/Flattener.We are sorry that this problem is bothering you. Their accessories are being upgraded, but in order not to affect your use during this period of time, we have temporarily found a relatively simple connection method, and hope it can help you a little.

First, let's take a look at what is in the SV505C package.

SV505C Color Planetary Camera x1

M42-CS Adapter Ring x1

T2 Adapter x1

CS-C Adapter x1

1.25-inch T Barrel x1

2-inch Dust Cover

USB 3.0 Cable ST4 Guiding Cable x1

Instruction x1

Cleaning Cloth x1

Packing box x1

SV505C Packing list

Then let's take a look at what is in the SV705C package.

SV705C Astronomy Camera x1

  • inch Cover x1

M42-CS Adapter x1

T2 Adapter x1

USB3.0 Cable x1

ST4 Guiding Cable x1

Cleaning Coth x1

User Manual x1

1.25-inch T-Adapter x1

CS-C Adapter x1

SV705C Packing list

I think you have found that there is no 2-inch/M48 adapter in the package of SV505C and SV705C.How will they connect to SV193 2-Inch 0.8x Focal Reducer/Flattener?

If you have an SV405CC/SV605CC camera, please directly borrow the M42M-M42F-21L or M42M-M48F-16.5L adapter in the SV405CC/SV605CC package.

M42M-M42F-21L or M42M-M48F-16.5L adapter

If you don't have an SV405CC/SV605CC camera, it's OK. Here is a simple connection method. If you don't mind, please try it.(The connection methods of SV505C and SV705C are the same.)Please see the following connection picture.


SV505C/705C Planetary Camera

1.25''T adapter


SV193 2-inch 0.8x Focal Reducer/Flattener for SV503 80mm Refractor

SV503 Telescope ED 80mm F7 Doublet Refractor


Connection order:SV505C/705C+1.25’’T adapter +2’’to1.25’’adapter+SV193 2-inch+SV503 OTA

(The W2811C adapter is generally installed in SV503OTA. You don't need to purchase it separately. If you lose it, don't worry. You can find it on the website.)

Can such connection mode be used to focus smoothly?Let's move on!

I think you probably guessed that if the body of the SV193 2-inch and the adapter (W2811C) were all installed, it would not be able to focus.

So we need to stretch out a part of SV193, and then turn the focusing wheel of SV503 to focus easily.

The following two pictures are the connecting pictures we took during the test.

(Due to the limited environment, the target is relatively close.)



If you add other accessories to the above configuration, I think you do not need to stretch the SV193 outward, and there is no problem with focusing.

(We are upgrading the SV505C/705C camera accessories, but the time is uncertain. If there is any latest news, I will update it here.)

Thank you for reading.

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