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What Do You Know About Hunting?

What Do You Know About Hunting?

What Do You Know About Hunting?

1) Hunting regulations vary from state to state in the United States. Generally speaking, the following things are required for hunting: fishing and hunting licenses, endorsements (postages), labels. some places require some licenses to hunt some animals. For example, Florida deer hunting requires a deer permit, turkey hunting requires a turkey license, duck hunting requires a Florida waterfowl permit and a federal duck stamp. In addition, applying for a hunting license also requires some proof, local residents and non-residents, the certificates provided are different.

2) Some areas require hunter to wear orange clothes in some cases. For example, in Washington State, in the season of deer hunting or elk, anyone wants to hunt deer or elk who needs to wear fluorescent hunter orange clothes, as well as all modern gun licenses who hold they must wear a fluorescent hunter orange suit, at least 400 square inches of fluorescent hunter orange coat, it must be worn above the waist and can be seen from all sides. In Missouri, as long as hunting, you are required to wear hunter orange clothes.

3) In some areas, applying for a hunting license requires a basic hunter education course. For example, South Carolina requires all residents and non-residents born after June 30, 1979 have to successfully complete the SCDNR-approved hunter education program before getting the licenses.

4) In the United States, firstly, hunting is legal and encouraged by the government. Generally, the income from hunting is used for wildlife protection, which has formed a good cycle in the United States. But there are strict legal restrictions on hunting. Example ,you must hunt a specified number of wild animals at a specified time and place, and every year the state opens up how many animals can be hunted, with what guns, and whether a shot is fatal. Sometimes the number of wild animals is so great that each state doesn't even have to pay extra for hunting, just to control the number of wild animals.

5) Hunters must bring their prey back, either to eat the meat or use its fur.It is illegal to indiscriminately kill game in the hunting ground and waste wild resources indiscriminately. But all the game, from flesh and limb to entrails, can only be enjoyed at home or by friends and relatives, and any commercial activity for profit is an illegal felony. In addition, after catching prey to report to the government, different animals need different ways.

6) Foreigners come to the United States for hunting, it is difficult for them to bring hunting guns into the United States at present. They needs to hire professional guides to lead them the hunting ground. In addition, some us states require foreigners to hire licensed guides to accompany them in hunting.

7) As for hunting time, the available hunting species and hunting time are different in different states in the United States. 

8) Hunting methods can be roughly divided into guns, bows and arrows and traps.

9) Hunting tools have gun, bow and arrow, knife, binoculars, spotting scope, imaging device, rangefinder, rangefinder binoculars, night vision device, hunting camera, red and green dot site, GPS navigator or navigation APP.

PS: The requirements of hunting enthusiasts for hunting optical products, for example, hunting binoculars need to be clear, long range viewing, light weight, the bigger zoom.

What good hunting tools do you have?

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