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Have You been Wandering Between SV503 102mm And SV550 OTA?

Have You been Wandering Between SV503 102mm And SV550 OTA?

Have You been Wandering Between SV503 102mm And SV550 OTA?

Do you often tangle between SV503 102mm and SV550? I'm glad Alexander has provided his real opinion. And I think it's worth your reference.

Both telescopes have pros and cons, so it depends on your preferences and what you're looking for.

The SV503 has a longer focal length, which is excellent for capturing smaller, more distant objects in the sky. On the other hand, the SV550 has a slightly wider field of view, which makes it better for capturing larger objects like nebulae or star clusters.

In terms of the triplet lens, it can definitely improve the quality of your images by reducing chromatic aberration and increasing sharpness. Still, it also comes at a higher price point. If you're willing to invest in the triplet, it may be worth it for the improved image quality, but if you're on a tighter budget, the doublet lens in the SV503 may be a good option.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which telescope best fits your needs and budget.

If you are worried about the budget, SV503 80/70mm is a good choice.

Let's review the features of SV503 102mm and SV550 OTA.

SV503 Telescope ED 102mm F7 Doublet Refractor.

1. The appearance of the telescope is baked with high-end fine-grained paint, with exquisite appearance and delicate feel.

2. The objective lens features an S-FPL51 extra-low dispersion glass ED element, which eliminates chromatic aberration. This results in the best color correction for an ED doublet lens.

3. The lens adopts optical processing and low polishing technology, which is carefully carved.

4. The deceleration ratio of the two-speed 2'' toothed focusing seat is 1:10, which makes it easy to achieve accurate focus.

SV550 Telescope 80mm Triplet APO OTA Refractor.

The three piece APO compound achromatic objective lens structure is adopted to significantly improve the image quality of the captured image (increased by 15.8% according to the calculation of the spectrometer);

The 2.5-inch magnesium alloy double speed toothed focusing seat is adopted to reduce the vignetting of connecting the full frame camera and reduce the load weight of the support platform;

Multi process extreme extinction: multi-channel light bar extinction inside the focusing seat + inner wall of the lens barrel;

Special flat field mirror synchronous listing (optional accessories sold separately);

Obviously reduce the edge dispersion of the captured image and improve the image quality;

Improve the efficiency and compatibility, and reduce the vignetting phenomenon of connecting the full frame camera;

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