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Let's Take A Look at SV165 Mini 40mm f/4 Guide Scope

Let's Take A Look at SV165 Mini 40mm f/4 Guide Scope

Let's Take A Look at SV165 Mini 40mm f/4 Guide Scope

What are the parameters of SV165 Mini 40mm f/4?

1.Aperture: 40 mm / 1.57 inch
2.Focal Length: 160 mm / 6.30 inch
3.Focal Ratio: f/4
4.Lens: 2-Element Lens w/ Fully multi-coating
5.Connection: 1.25" & T2
6.Back Focus:12.5mm
7.Tube Travel: 15mm
8.Dovetail includes 1/4″ screw hole
9.Net Weight: 449.8g / 15.87oz
10.Body Size: 179x114x59mm / 7.05x4.49x2.32 inch

SV165 Mini 40mm f/4-1

What are the features of SV165 Mini 40mm f/4?

1.A new-type multifunctional guide scope for short focal-length, optically fast imaging telescopes
2.The lens barrel aviation aluminum alloy CNC machining to ensure the machining accuracy, the interior is painted black for optimized contrast
3.Remove section of the lens barrel to install a 1.25-inch zenith lens for visual inspection
4.The front part focuser with scale for easy and repeatable focusing
5.Sharpness adjustment by turning the objective - with lock ring
6.Adjustable working distance behind the T2 thread - suitable for all common auto guiders
7.Comes equipped with tube ring clamps with 3 nylon-tipped set-screws with for precise alignment with the main telescope
8.The mount fits the standard finder-shoe for mounting onto the main telescope

SV165 Mini 40mm f/4-2

Package list

Optical guide cylinder
Guide star exchange is provided with bracket and base
Six nylon head lock screws+nuts
M3 Allen wrench
Plastic objective cover - black
1.25 inch eyepiece dust plug - black
user 's manual

Suggested combination

F9359B-SV503 Telescope ED 80mm F7 Doublet Refractor

W9125B-SV165 Mini 40mm f/4 Guide Scope

F9198G-SV905C Telescope Camera with CMOS Sensor

W2370A-Multi-Function Dovetail Slots

SV165 Mini 40mm f/4-3

SV165 Mini 40mm f/4-4

SV165 Mini 40mm f/4-5

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