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Questions about SV406P 80mm

Questions about SV406P 80mm

Questions about SV406P 80mm

Happy New Year to all!! SV406P is our good optical performance spotting scopes with ED glass.  There are some questions about SV406P 80mm from our customers. I hope these questions can give a reference to SV406P. If you also have some questions about SV406P, please contact us. I will keep updating this article about the question of SV406P. 

Q: Can SV406P80mm fits with Barlows?

A: SV406P can not work with Barlow directly. But remove the tube of Barlow, it will work. The SV406P has a perfect design, so it can provide an excellent image without other accessories. Here are some eyepieces that can match with this scope: SV154, sv190, 68-degree eyepiece, most of the 1.25ich eyepiece can be matched with it.


Q: What is the exact dimension of the package and the weight of SV406P?

A: The exact dimensions of the package are 465*230*170mm, and the weight is 2.466kg.


Q: What ED glass degree of the SV406P?

A: The SV406P ED glass degree: FK61/S-FPL51, which will provide good optical performance.


Q: What is the focal length of SV406P?

A: The Focal length of SV406P is 430mm.


Q: I would like to know if it is possible to mount filters in front of the scope and what diameter and thread they must be?

A: SV406P could work with the 1.25-inch size of the filter. But if you want to observe the sky, I recommend you use our astronomy telescope.

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It is excellent idea

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José Luis Marín

Hola. Daría el SV406P una imagen de calidad con un ocular de 5mm (86x)? es para utilizarlo eventualmente en planetaria. Gracias

Comment author


We tried 7mm, it worked great. Can't be sure if the 5mm works well on bright Astro-objects.

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