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Testing the AstroDMx Capture for Window

Testing the AstroDMx Capture for Window

Testing the AstroDMx Capture for Window

Now, AstroDMx Capture for Windows supports SV305 and SV305 Pro cameras. The camera used in these tests is SV305.

1. Before testing the AstroDMx Capture for Windows

For the use of SV305, please refer to How to Use the Color Astronomy SV305 Planetary Camera

For the use AstroDMx Capture, please refer to Tips for using AstroDMx Capture

For the SV501P, know more: New Coming SV501P Refractor Telescope

2.Testing the SV305 camera with AstroDMx Capture for Windows

In this test, we observed the building in the distance (about 300 meters) through the window about 6 meters away from the office desk. Using the SV501P refracting telescope, we placed the SV305 in the focus range of SV501P.

Just like what we wrote in the previous blog, we also have a green screen. There is no clear image. Is the camera defective?

Screenshot of AstroDMx Capture for Windows of the Building

SV305 camera with AstroDMx Capture

The camera designed with GRGB color. So when you get a green image, don’t be worried, it doesn’t mean the camera is a defective one, just change/adjust AstroDMx Capture's One-Touch white balance button instantly corrects the white balance. Then adjust the focusing knob of SV501P, until you could get a normal image.

Screenshot showing the effect of One Touch white balance

 SV305 camera with AstroDMx Capture

3.Test results from the AstroDMx Capture

AstroDMx Capture for Windows of the Building

 SV305 Capture


Camera Log File: AstroDMx Capture (0.84.7)


AstroDMx Mode           = Hardware Acceleration

Camera Name             = SVBONY SV305

Camera Format           = RGB24 (8-bit)

Resolution              = 1920 x 1080

Output Format           = TIFF (8-Bit)

Capture Mode            = Frame Limit

Colour Mode             = BGR

Frame Integration       = NOT ACTIVE / NOT SUPPORTED

Exposure                = 30 Milliseconds

Gain                    = 0 % (native: 10)

Gamma                   = 10 % (native: 100)

Contrast                = 50 % (native: 50)

Sharpness               = 0 % (native: 0)

Saturation              = 58 % (native: 150)

WB RED                  = 46 % (native: 185)

WB BLUE                 = 53 % (native: 215)

WB GREEN                = 25 % (native: 100)

Black Level             = 0 % (native: 0)

Software Controls Save: INACTIVE

USB Speed               = 1

ROI Position            = Not Used

Flip Position           = NOT ACTIVE

Bit Depth               = 8-Bit

Realtime Calibration    = NOT ACTIVE

Frames Saved            = 32

Average Frame Rate      = 9.95644 fps

Histogram Mode          = LINEAR

Histogram Channel       = RGB

Data Collection Started = 2021/1/6 at 16:28:42

Data Collection Ended   = 2021/1/6 at 16:28:45

Connection Monitor resets: 0 events

NB: This file should be viewed using a fixed width font

SV305 (channel RGB)

4.In conclusion

The SV305 family of cameras is stable and works very well with AstroDMx Capture for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The above article reference: Testing the SV305 full spectrum camera with AstroDMx Capture for macOS.

Thank you very much for reading.

If you have any questions, please contact us: support@svbony. com

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