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The popular SV503 series 70/80/102 mm ED telescope with side dovetail slot, more choice for your Astronomy hobby.

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New product!!!

APO and Double ED glasses reduce the chromatic aberration, which gives a bright image.

The central focus ring allows spotting aims clearly at a fast speed.

Fully multi-coated and K9 and Porro prism allows more light transmission.

45°design is an ergonomic proportion and suitable for eyes observing or capturing.

IPX6 waterproof and anti-fog.

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The SV305Pro ARcoating allows full-spectrum light to through.You can add the filter to block UV/IR light. Provides the best color balance and sharpness. It can shoot the color moon, Saturn, Jupiter, etc.Or detach the filter in the low-light environment to allow more light information.

Sv305Pro AR antireflection glass version has high near-infrared light transmittance. With IR685 filter, it can use near-infrared light to shoot planets, reduce the impact of visibility, and obtain stable shooting results. It can shoot the moon, astronomical stars and other stars with obvious effect.

Sv305Pro AR antireflection glass version with Sv199 atmospheric color difference correction mirror can greatly improve the impact of atmospheric dispersion and obtain excellent shooting results. It can shoot the moon, planets and other objects.

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SVBONY SV48P 90mm F5.5 Refractor Telescope w/R&P Double Speed Focuser——outstanding optics, high-quality mechanical components.

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Fully multi-coated optics; the eyepiece ensures that each glass surface has multiple layers of coating to obtain a better image quality

All-metal structure; the eyepiece has fine workmanship and fine materials

Matt blackened; the edge of the lens is matt blackened to prevent stray light interference

25mm large eyepiece; plossl eyepieces with 25mm and longer focal lengths are good choices for spectacle wearers; can better protect the eyesight of the observer

2 sets of 4-piece optical structures; the super plossl eyepiece structure has good compatibility

The SV207 series are classic Plossl eyepieces that offer higher performance than the majority of eyepieces supplied with telescopes.  

The introduction blog link: What can we know about the new Super Plossl 50° SV207 eyepiece set?

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The SV503 series deep-sky photography set.

This combination is more designed for Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) such as different cameras. 

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This vehicle window mount has vertical and horizontal angles to adjust, and it can rotate 360-degree, which eliminates the trouble of setting up a tripod while viewing.

2021 New!

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Portable refractor telescope multi-coated optics with a portable backpack.

US$ 85.99

1.Rugged housing prevents damage;

2.Sliding graceful and soft dual-speed focuser;

3.Ed glass (S-FPL51) can produce very beautiful and clear images;

4.The fully multilayer coated lens eliminates all reflections on the glass, and it has little or no chromatic aberration at high magnification.

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Upgrade solid tripod and 60mm objective lens brings stable vision and ample optical performance. Without too much unnecessary plastic accessories make the star-view is more convenient and efficient. 

2021 new products!

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Svbony sv502 Astronomy Telescope is ideal gift for children, can help children to learn more astronomical knowledge. It is made of environmental friendly materials.

US$ 48.90

Multi-function OTA: suitable for shooting sun and moon, landscape scenery, deep space photography (works better with 1/2 or 1/3 inch sensor, the pixel size in 3μm-5μm, and need to match the SV193).

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  • 50mm aperture; large diameter objective lens collects more light; the target in the field of view is clearer; convenient to find a target in the sky
  • Connect telescope camera; as a guide scope can be used with other accessories to easily achieve automatic star guidance
  • Connect Eyepiece; as a right-angle correct-image optical finder scope (Eyepieces and Prism Diagonal sold separately)
  • Fully multi-coated glass; multi layer broadband anti reflection coating double glue lens; well made edge coating; higher contrast and clearer field of view
  • Fine focusing; double spiral fine focusing and pull out coarse focusing structure; simple structure and convenient operation

The review blog: https://www.svbony.com/blog?s=SV198

US$ 149.99

SV601 Microscope can work well with SV305 Astronomy Camera. you just need to use a 0.91” to 1.25” Adapter to easily connect. You can capture every detail of the specimen by Using SV305, the image is clear and sharp. Welcome to explore the micro-world with SV601 Microscope and SV305 Astronomy Camera.

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Use an extremely sensitive back-illuminated CMOS sensor; IMX290 sensor has very high QE and very low (0.7e-) read noise; which improved sensitivity in the visible-light and near infrared light regions for industrial applications;

128MB DDR Buffer,the benefit of the image buffer is that the memory will cache the image and transfer it to the computer when the USB interface is not busy or being interrupted;and the frame will not be lost or corrupted;

Any Area ROI Support, a smaller region of interest (ROI) is read out from the sensor; leaving the image scale of the object being imaged unchanged; Allow arbitrary resolutions to be set.

US$ 135.84 US$ 142.99 -5%

The image sensor uses dark light compensation technology to greatly improve the camera's image clarity in low light conditions;

In MJPG video format;you can record video quickly and the frame rate up to 30FPS at 2K resolution 1920x1080; You can also choose YUV uncompressed video format;

The camera allows you to capture a real-time video and transport to your laptop or PC;machined aluminum 1.25" adapter barrel for direct threaded connection to almost any telescope.

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SV305 1.25'' 2MP electronic eyepiece and SV165 60mm finder scope.

US$ 179.54 US$ 188.99 -5%

ST4 Guiding;SV305 Pro camera is designed with ST4 guiding port; Supporting the PHD2 software; and works with ASCOM plate form;

1ms to 30min long exposure; Long exposure can reach 30 minutes;You can use it for planetary imaging; lunar and solar imaging and some bright deep space objects imaging;

Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor;The SV305 Pro uses an extremely sensitive IMX290 CMOS sensor; This sensor has very high QE and very low 0.7e- read noise; which improved sensitivity in the visible-light and near infrared light regions for industrial applications.

US$ 183.34 US$ 192.99 -5%

Dark light compensation technology;greatly improve the camera's image clarity in low light conditions;

Record 2K video at high speed;up to 30 frames per second at 1920x1080 resolution;

Great for lunar and planetary shots;share the view of bright planets;the Moon and terrestrial targets;not suitable for deep space imaging.

US$ 47.49 US$ 49.99 -5%

Sv305M Pro has higher sensitivity than color camera. With LRGB filter, it can shoot pure color effect, which is more real and exquisite, and is not affected by atmospheric color difference. It can shoot the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, etc;

Get a sharp image; uses an extremely sensitive CMOS monochrome sensor; the IMX290LLR-C; which has very high QE (80%); very low readout noise (1.0-3.2e); 

Can automatically guide; designed with ST4 guiding port; supported by PHD2 and the ASCOM platform; use the computer to control the telescope; has an auto-guiding port; which connects directly to the auto-guider.

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SV161 1.25'' double helical focuser with 0.05mm scale for telescope lenses or finder scope with SV150 (M42 male, M42 female, SCT male, 2-inch adapter).

US$ 39.99

SVBONY SII CCD narrow band filter reduces other transmissions, including wavelengths of light that are responsible for light pollution (both artificial and natural)

300-1000nm Wavelength Range; The SVBONY Sulfur II 7nm Extra Narrowband Filter transmits a 7nm bandwidth of light that is centered at 672nm

German imported glass; Multiple layers of anti-reflection non-cementing coatings applied via electron-beam gun evaporation with Ion-assisted deposition

CNC machined and black anodized aero-metal filter cell that is ultra-thin to provide largest clear aperture; Laser-engraved to prevent fading

1.25 inch Mounted; Metal filter cell threads directly into the 1.25 inch barrel of your telescope eyepiece

The SVBONY 1.25" SII Filters are made of glass import from Germany that has been multi-coated with an ion-assisted deposition technology to ensure scratch resistance and stability on the central wavelength or CWL.

US$ 116.99 US$ 129.99 -10%

In order to better fit the threaded interface of the Svbony SV151 High Precision Double Helical Focuser , we made the first batch of four types of commonly used threaded interface adapters SV150 (M42 male, M42 female, SCT male, 2-inch adapter). Meet your use in different scenarios.

US$ 9.99
  • Dielectric coatings; super flat mirror with dielectric coatings to reduce reflected light loss; provide an over 99% reflective surface; good for astronomical viewing
  • 1.25 inches nosepiece fits 1.25 inches telescopes; accepts standard 1.25in filters; eyepieces; Barlow lenses and other accessories with a 1.25in insert barrel
  • 90 degree viewing angle; diagonal reflects the telescope’s light path 90 degree to provide a more comfortable viewing angle; best for observing objects overhead
  • Correct upside down and left right reversed image; the view image is upright; but left and right reversed if use the 90 degrees to your telescope
  • Brass compression ring; Built in brass ring and thumbscrew accessories avoid eyepiece to rotate during adjustments; effortless fixes more firmly and will not scratch your eyepieces barrels
US$ 42.99